Our Service Include

Electrical wiring faults ,diagnosic scan testing ,Ecu Computor testing & General car

mecanical repairs,from a oil change to a full service from a camshaft timing belt to a cylinder head over-haul , or if the engine requires reconditioning, its no problem.

Air conditioning, Batteries, Brakes, Catalytic convertors, Clutches, Electrics and electronics
Engine management diagnostics, Exhausts, Gearbox overhauls, Head gaskets, Lambda Sensors
MOT service, Radiators, Servicing, Suspension, Tracking, Tyres, Wheel bearings plus much more.


Engine Remapping

For over 30 years the German Specialists team have been providing the highest quality services, repairs and ECU remapping in Cheshire. If your vehicle comes complete with an Engine Control Unit, we are able to both modify and replace the manufacturers default to ensure it takes into account the laws, climates, restrictions and fuels of your location, and we boast one of the most competitively priced ECU remapping services in the whole of the UK. The process involves replacing the default software that is implemented by the manufacturer and overwriting it with software that is able to optimise the performance of your vehicle.

We work with German vehicles such as Volkswagen, Mini, Audi, Mercedes and BMW, so if you are in need of remapping then don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Performance Tuning

With over 35 years of combined experience in the auto-electronics industry, AutoDeutsche carry out work for both main agents and independent specialists alongside our standard retail business. Whether you’re simply after advice on caring for your pride and joy or you are thinking about having your car remapped or tuned, we are the specialists to call upon for a first class level of service at competitive costs

We hope that once you have spoken to us, you find us very knowledgeable in this field, reassuring and our service both professional and courteous.



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Car servicing & MOT
Oil & filter change
Engine management
Auto electrical repairs
Diagnostic fault codes

Timing belt replacement
A.B.S. brakes servicing
Suspension & steering
Cylinder head gaskets
Diesel & petrol injection
Exhaust replacement
Auto diagnosis service